East Malvern Apartment

This project saw another return client approach me to fit out an inner-city home away from his home on the coast. I had complete rein with a two-bedroom shell – and since nothing had been taken from the family home, everything needed to be purchased. A welcome challenge.

The master bedroom – strong and dark meets natural light

Thanks to its wonderful natural light, I was able to use dark colours in the master bedroom. So I hung dark charcoal grass paper on the walls and placed two dark custom-made bedside tables. I then commissioned a custom dark green bedhead. To suit these dark hues, I chose lighter bed linens and decorative items.

Next, I went with bronze: dual imported brass bedside lamps, a feature bronze sideboard, and a brass standard lamp. These elements combined to create a truly masculine feel for the space.

Bringing a lighter side in the reading room

The second bedroom needed a lighter colour palette. The client wanted it to be a reading room, so I added a desk area, and a custom-made sofa bed for guests. As with the master bedroom, I used grass paper on the walls – it really does add a unique texture to the space. Sheer curtains added further touches of softness.

The grass paper used in the reading room was carried out into the hallway, showcasing a brilliant Bromley artwork now hanging proudly. Thanks to the softness of the paper texture, the art catches the eye from a distance.

Simplicity for the combined kitchen and living areas

I didn’t want to crowd the space, so I decided on a minimalistic approach. First I had a custom-sized 2.5-seater sofa made to fit along one wall. Imported side tables and lamps sit either side.

Then I laid a custom rug, placed a single armchair (which I purchased and recovered), and set a custom-made TV unit opposite the sofa.

Next, the windows: I sourced a wonderful graduated white-to-blue sheer fabric for the curtain, and it highlighted the blue colours used elsewhere throughout the room.

On the kitchen side, I purchased a round dining table and it cut down to a smaller size due to the space. It was the uniqueness of the black table base that caught my eye – I had to make it fit. I dressed it with two custom ostrich vinyl chairs.

Homely touches

I sourced a host of decorative items to be placed around the apartment to give it a lived-in feeling. That way, when my client comes to visit from the coast, he needn’t feel like he’s entering an empty apartment instead of a home. He was thrilled with his second home.

Location: East Malvern, Melbourne
Photographer: Martina Gemmola