Toorak Kitchen

This project began with an outdated kitchen overloaded with dark, polished timber which was arranged into conflicting patterns and textures. The scope called for a complete overhaul – so I decided to lighten up and simplify the space by exchanging moody earthy tones for soft, pure white.

It began with white marble benchtops and white joinery to catch the eye from every angle and vantage. I removed a corner pantry to transform the size and scale of the space, and instantly the client gained more bench space and room for display shelving. It proved a more practical storage solution than the pantry, which, with its bulk, crowded the kitchen and closed it in. I added storage drawers to further maximise the usability of the space, and for added flair, decided to mirror the kitchen kickers. In two steps, I had satisfied two of the client’s needs: a new style, and newfound practicality.

Next, feature LED lighting was installed under the overhead cupboards. They now provide an ambient light which complements the vitality of the pendant light I had commissioned from Volker Haug to hang over the island bench.

To finish, we revitalised the foundations of the space, resanding the parquetry flooring and repainting the walls. I added a sleek rug, soft and light to complement the now-calmer brown of the floors, and had a quartet of custom dining chairs manufactured to sit around an existing glass table.

A good kitchen and dining area is as comfortable and inviting as it is user-friendly. My client, an avid cook, finds in her transformed kitchen a new sense of inspiration – and, needless to say, the room has become the hub of the home!

Location: Toorak, Melbourne
Photographer: Martina Gemmola